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Why I Joined the Board of Entrepreneurial Scotland

🌟📢 Why I joined the Entrepreneurial Scotland Board .... and an ASK to my network..... 📢🌟

I've been very open during my career and journey in business that the opportunity in 2013/14 to take part in the ES Saltire Fellowship programme was transformational for me in terms of confidence, ambition and self belief. I strongly believe that #entrepreneurship is an enabler and catalyst for economic growth, creating and multiplying opportunities for both individuals and wider society. This is why entrepreneurship and access to opportunities, learning, networks and experiences should be #inclusive and open to as many people as possible. Coming from a working class, very modest background, I was the first person in my family to go to university, and the first to start a business - and so am passionate about the power of role models, mentoring and inclusion to mobilise #talent.

The ES Saltire Scholarship programme finds, grows and connects students with the ambition and potential to become future #leaders of Scotland.

In 2023, 138 student interns joined host companies to work on projects of commercial significance that to help your organisation change or grow. These projects can include business development, marketing and PR, finance, STEM roles, research, HR, diversity and inclusion, community development and more. learn more in the Impact report:

Saltire Scholars come from all different backgrounds and degree subjects. Shortlisted candidates have a minimum of three years of academic experience and are equipped with diverse skill sets and leadership qualities, ready to make an impact on your organisation.

So to my ask - can your organisation host a Scholar in summer 2024 and support our mission to inspire and develop Scotland's people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world? please get in touch - I'd love to discuss and intro you to the team! 🙏💡

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