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Networking Well

Investing in building my network played a huge part in the successful growth of my business. It wasn't family or school connections - for me it was dedicated effort and time getting out and about, meeting and connecting with new people. The thought of networking can be daunting, but not if you approach it with a positive #mindset and genuine interest and #curiosity in learning about other people, their businesses, experiences the market, and 💥most importantly💥 how you can help each other.

When setting up Purpose HR, I ended up also getting involved in building a networking and events organisation too(!) I attended the first Startup Grind events in Scotland, launched by Phin Mpofu who had the amazing idea to set up a local Chapter, with founders Gareth Williams of Skyscanner & Lesley Tyrie Eccles of FanDuel as speakers. I was so impressed with what he was doing, & excited to get involved when he offered me the opportunity to join as co-Director. 

What I loved most about our community was the ethos 'Make Friends not Contacts'. The best connections others on a similar path or at a later stage able to help and encourage each other - #entrepreneurship can be lonely & hard so your support network is key. 

Some Tips that worked for me:

📍look for speaker events and topics that interest you, to stimulate discussion & connect with others present 

📍don't be nervous to go on your own - the point is to meet and connect with new people

📍smile, welcome others to your discussion, introduce yourself, remember- it's a networking event, no one will think it's weird if you strike up conversation!

📍listen and engage when others talk - don't be that person just waiting to jump in with a pitch and handing out as many business cards as possible (if people even do that anymore?!)

📍follow up with people, connect with them online, make useful onwards intros or signpost helpful resources if you can. 

📍pick up the phone or ask for a follow up coffee or virtual call to continue a discussion that could be helpful for you both

📍consider opportunities to speak at or host events yourself and build your profile and network that way 

During COVID, when we couldn't get out and about and meet people in person, I was so grateful for my Linked In network and community and maintain a presence and connections here hugely helped me continue to build and grow the business. Don't rule out the benefits of online events and communities which can help you reach much wider dispersed audiences and connections. 

Every business journey is different but these are some tips and learning that worked for me in profitably growing my HR services business to exit. 

⁉️I'd love to hear thoughts or questions below!⁉️ 

Next up I'll cover #branding - please make sure to connect with me or follow to see the posts and if you find the content helpful I'd appreciate a Like or Share 🙏

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