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Welcome to Elevate Advisory!

Thanks for visiting the website and blog. I'll be sharing here posts with advice and lessons learned from profitably building and growing my HR services business to exit. 

(for avoidance of doubt 🤣, these are not #AI generated 🤣, and will be based on my personal thoughts and approach through, sometimes hard but mainly exciting and rewarding, learning and direct experiences!)

Topics covered will include:

📌Establishing a niche 

📍Networking well 

📌Building a brand to stand out in the market

📍Developing your services 

📌Great customer service 

📍Building a Team 

📌Growing authentically as a Leader 

📍Staying true to your Values

📌Preparing for exit (both the business, and yourself) 

You can find out more about what worked well for me and the business I built and sold, and I will also be honest about some of the challenges as hopefully others can learn from these too. 

Please let me know if there are any other topics you'd like to see on this list! ⁉️💡

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