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Who are you pleasing really?

❓💡Each time I say "Yes" to an ask, what am I saying "No" to in order to make space?💡❓

This is a really useful question and tool to ask yourself in business. And a lesson I personally learned the hard way. As a "people pleaser" and a natural enthusiast, saying "Yes" to opportunities, coffee meetings, a 'quick call' or question and helping someone out where I could was my go-to and default. It brought me lots of opportunities, connections and learning. I've also no doubt that this responsiveness, availability and desire to find solutions and solve others problems was also key to the success of my business and client relationships & feedback.

Our time and energy is finite though and so important to protect. Each time I said yes to an unscheduled call, rearranging meetings or travelling at short notice, taking on an extra task or project, revising a deadline or adding on extra deliverables, would often entail getting up even earlier, staying up late, changing personal plans, skipping my swim or relax time - or often just not being fully 'present' in my downtime or with family and friends.

This is a choice we each have to make and there are times that drive and ambition will push us to achieve amazing goals of course - but as I learned, this isn't sustainable, and longterm you can't grow or scale a business that way effectively. As you build and lead a team and grow your client base, it's essential to set healthy boundaries, expectations and working practices and to be respectful of your own time and others.

Check out the Mindful Business Charter for some more great tips and practical suggestions if this topic is of interest.

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